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Clair De Lune Stripes

Style: Baju Kurung
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Price: MYR155.00
Available Size : M

*Note: Please refer to our Photo Album Information for:-
1) Measurement & Size Guide
2) Payment Methods
3) Shipments
4) Return Policy

Limited availability while stocks last. Please check the item availability with us before purchasing.

We are constantly bringing out new designs in all our range of clothing. We are very proud to say that our clothes are designed & manufactured in-house.
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Nabil Alwi is a Malaysian fashion label offering an exclusive range of design led women's fashion that aims at infusing contemporary sensibility into traditional wear
Les Collections Prêt-à-Porter Nabil Alwi vous offrent une gamme de vêtements traditionnels Malaisiens porté d'une touche de modernité et d'originalité

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